19th October 2016

Today, the Tobacco Retailer’s Alliance (TRA) is launching its 2017 Fair Deal For Small Shops.  This new report shows the importance of retailers to communities and tobacco to retailers’ revenues.  It makes a series of suggestions about how the Government can help retailers fight illegal tobacco and retail crime.  It also highlights areas where the Government can engage with retailers better and reduce the burden of regulation.

Suleman Khonat, TRA National Spokesperson, said of the report:

“This report shows how important tobacco continues to be as a product category for small and independent retailers.  We want the Government to listen to retailers in the independent sector, who have genuine whose voice needs to be heard in Parliament. TRA members want to speak directly to MPs in order to help us address our mutual challenges together.  Illegal tobacco, retail crime and the burden of legislation on the small retailer are areas where we can make real progress if we take a consensual approach.  This new report from the TRA marks the beginning of this new way forward.

Among other things, the Fair Deal For Small Shops 2017 wants the government to:

  • Review the current sentencing guidelines for individuals convicted of illicit trade offences;
  • Create a single ‘hotline’ to report awareness of illegal product sales;
  • Give shop workers the same legal protection as emergency workers;
  • Create a fund to help retailers in high risk areas purchase crime prevention equipment;
  • Create a Retail Industry Parliamentary Scheme that mirrors the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme; and
  • Reverse damaging EU driven measures, such as the ban on small pack sizes for cigarettes and hand rolling tobacco.


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