TRA Licensing Survey Results

In April the TRA surveyed its 3200 members in order to gather their views on the Government’s proposal to introduce a compulsory licensing scheme for tobacco retails, as well as their opinions on tobacco regulation more generally. The results were released on 11th May and contained some surprising findings:

  • 98% of local retailers see the potential of losing the right to sell tobacco as a threat to their business
  • 87% of local retailers believe that their shop may be forced to close if they lost the ability to sell tobacco
  • 93% of retailers are concerned about licensing
  • 87% of retailers do not believe that licensing would reduce the size of the black market
  • Just 6% of shop owners have confidence in the enforcement work of trading standards
  • 83% of retailers believe that more enforcement action by trading standards should be the top priority for government
  • Just 5% of shop owners believe that the Government cares about local shops

Suleman Khonat, National Spokesperson of the TRA commented:

“The government is putting an intolerable burden on small shop owners and our high streets are under great pressure. This survey shows that the government has just a 5% confidence rating from convenience shop owners, and trading standards services have only 6% confidence. The TRA is calling for a pause in the flood of new regulation on our local shops until a full review of the cumulative regulatory burden has been conducted. Retailer Licensing is the straw that will break the camel’s back.”

To download a copy of the final results of the TRA’s licensing survey, click here.

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