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The Budget: Tobacco – Reaction From Retailers

Tobacco retailers across the UK have expressed frustration that tax on cigarette taxes will increase by 2% above inflation and hand rolling tobacco by 5% above inflation following today’s Budget. The Tobacco Retailers’ Alliance (TRA), which represents shopkeepers across the UK, campaigns to raise awareness of the link between high tobacco tax and tobacco smuggling. […]

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Budget 2015 – What it means for your business

With all the media hype, you cannot have failed to have missed the pre-election Budget this week. And, no doubt, of particular interest to you was the announcement on tobacco tax. The Chancellor increased tobacco tax by 2.9% – adding about 16p to a typical pack of 20 cigarettes and 16p to a 25g pouch […]

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UK tobacco market summary

A summary of the UK tobacco market


Expenditure & revenue

  • Consumer spending on tobacco products in 2012 amounted to an estimated £15.1 billion, around 85% of this on cigarettes.
  • Tax revenue from tobacco in 2012/13 amounted to £12.3 billion – £9.7 billion in excise duty plus £2.6 billion in VAT.
  • The total tax burden (excise duty plus VAT) accounts for 88% of the price of the cheapest cigarettes on sale in the UK.

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